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Past Life Review

As the west has become more open to the idea of reincarnation people have become curious about their own past lives.  Knowing more about who you are, and were, can be helpful in creating a more harmonious and peaceful life in the present.

Thea is a Certified Hypnotist trained in the Alchemical Hypnosis technique of Past Life Review.  This gives her the unique ability to not only assist you in discovering past lives, but bring creative skills forward from past lives, clear trauma from past lives, discover and renegotiate soul contracts made at time of stress or death – which can be effecting you in the present. 

Do you feel as if you have had a string of bad luck?  It might be that actions that you took in a past life are creating the havoc you are experiencing in your present life.  Find out how working with Thea and having a Past Life Review can help clear karma from your past bringing a fresh new perspective and sense of ease to your present life.

Are you having difficulty with a relationship?  Have you ever considered that these challenges are not only related to your present life, but could be carried over from a previous life?  Consider Past Life Review as a way to get clarity, understanding and a greater sense of closeness in your relationships.

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