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Active Dreaming Workshop Series

What if you could have a direct line of communication to your soul's deepest wishes for you?  Well you can.  Every night your sleep dreams bring you a world of information...the key is to understand their meaning and learn how to work with your dreams.

Active Dreaming is more than just tapping into the wisdom of your night dreams.  It is a synthesis of dream work and shamanism, as developed by Robert Moss.  This approach combines the wisdom of night dreams, with the many sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the every day mind.

In this workshop series you will learn techniques available through Active Dreaming and how they can give you access to guidance, healing and creative inspiration.  These include Lightning Dreamwork, Re-entering a dream, Using Synchronicity to guide your waking yours, Group Dreaming and much more.  Be ready to explore, play and learn.

There will be a series on four workshop classes, starting Monday, Sept. 25 from 7:00-9:00 pm and continuing through October 16.

Cost $250.00

To register call 203-693-1493 or email

Earlier Event: September 18
Introduction to Active Dreaming