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Dream Work

What if you could learn how to…

  •      Gain guidance from your dreams
  •      Learn about a possible future – and change it if you choose
  •      Go back into a dream to gather more information
  •      Get healing insight from a dream
  •      Have a visit with a departed relative

You can learn these things, and so much more in classes given by Certified Active Dream Teacher, Thea Litsios.

Thea is trained by bestselling author and teacher Robert Moss, in the technique of Active Dreaming.  In what has been described as a “modern shamanic” approach to dreams. Active Dreaming brings together the wisdom of how indigenous peoples worked with their dreams, and a modern approach, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you would like to work with Thea individually, she is available for Dream Guidance sessions, to delve more deeply into a specific dream for insight and guidance. 

 To ask questions or to schedule your Dream Guidance session contact Thea.

To find out about Thea’s upcoming classes in Active Dreaming and monthly dream groups see Event schedule